Terra Nullius

Terra Nullius
Painted wood, fanzine

Terra Nullius, fanzine
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Terra Nullius #1
Wood, paint. 71x210x67 cm

Terra Nullius #2
Wood, paint.92x195x48 cm

Terra Nullius #3
Wood, paint. 125x150x52 cm
Terra Nullius #4
Wood, paint. 81x170x67 cm
Terra Nullius #5
Wood, paint. 68x205x57 cm
Exhibition view, Skulptur Bergen, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen Norway, 2011

Installation view from Blank Projects, Cape Town, South Africa. The work «Terra Nullius» consists of five sculptures and one fanzine. The starting point of the work is a building in Svalbard which has been used in the coal mining industry. This industry has laid the foundation for norwegian souvereignity on the archipellago and was an important reason for the initiation of the Svalbard Treaty which changed the land from having the status as Terra Nullius (land which is not claimed) to being norwegian. The fanzine points to some of the issues regarding coal mining in Spitsbergen which were on the agenda at the time of its making.