Standard Primitives
Solo show at Hordaland Kunstsenter comprising the sculpture series Standard Primitives and Extended Primitives, the 3D-animation In World View and video work
The Distance to the Horizon

Hose 003, Prism 004
Wax, pigment, birch, MDF, paint 8x8x71 cm, 80x80x80 cm

Ringwave 001, Ringwave 002, Ringwave 003

Concrete, plaster, pigment. 118x118x3 cm, 43x43x4 cm, 38x38x5 cm

L-Ext 001, Hose 005
Styrofoam, concrete, alder. 40x113x170 cm.

Hose 002
Birch, pigment, wax. 16x16x42 cm

Teapot 001
, Chamfer Cylinder 002
Ceramics, pigment, spackle. 10x13x23 cm, 33x33x22 cm

Square 004

Plywood, velvet. 30x51x101

Hose 001
Alder, pigment, wax. 7x7x47 cm

Chamfer Cylinder 001
Styrofoam, yarn. 33x33x40 cm

Hose 004
Alder, pigment, wax. 4x4x50 cm

Gengon 001
, Sphere 001, Sphere 003, Sphere 004, Capsule 002, Capsule 004, Cone 001, Torus Knot 001.
Styrofoam, textile, glass, ceramics, glaze, metal, paint. Dimensions of pink object: 113x113x19 cm.

Tube 001, Hose 002
Ceramics, glaze, birch, wax, pigment. 16x17x32 cm, 16x16x42 cm.

Oil Tank 001
Birch. 47x47x13 cm.

Background video: The Distance to the Horizon.

Capsule 001
Ceramics, glaze. 13x13x33 cm.

Ringwave 004
Plaster, pigment. 63x63x6 cm.

3D-animation: In World View.
Teapot 002, Square 003
Ceramics, grønsteinsbreksje rock


Read a text about the exhibition written by Hans Carlsson

Exhibition text for Hordaland Kunstsenter:
In her solo exhibition "Standard Primitives", Magnhild Øen Nordahl presents three new works made especially for this exhibition at Hordaland kunstsenter: A sculpture series, an animation film and a video work.The exhibition title Standard Primitives is a term appropriated from digital 3D modeling software, denoting the basic components of the program’s library of construction modules: A sphere, a cylinder, a cone, and so forth. In Nordahl’s new sculpture series entitled Standard Primitives and Extended Primitives, her point of departure is these digital and seemingly neutral modules, manufacturing them one by one from wood, rock, glass, Styrofoam and other materials. The animation film In World View shows a selection of sculptures rotating on their own axis. Rotation is a recurring element in Nordahl’s practice, and the act of giving shape in general often involves rotation: Wheel throwing ceramics, using a circular saw or a rolling pin, drilling. In the video work The Distance to the Horizon, we find ourselves at sea, with only waves and the horizon in sight. The work documents traveling from a given point at sea, all the way to the point one initially could see as the horizon. Is it possible to experience the roundness of the earth, to sense it through our corporeal perception and ability of movement? Could you get closer to understanding taught theory and cosmic proportions through the use of tools in your hands? Together, these three works explore the relation between physical matter and abstract idea – between tangible and virtual sculpting.