Så langt det passer

Paint, Euro pallets installed for the floor of Galler Svalbard, Spitsbergen.

The installation has been made to fit the floor of Galleri Svalbard in Spitsbergen in the occasion of the “Solfestuka” festival celebrating the return of the sun after a long dark season in this high arctic settlement. The euro pallets exist in abundance in Longyearbyen since most things must be shipped by boat to this faraway island in the north. Due to scarceness of building materials and to strict environmental protection laws, people use the euro pallet to fill a multitude of architectural purposes ranging from snow mobile storage, to make furniture out of or build terraces outside their houses. As installation of the euro pallet is considered a temporary construction one can get away with building these without going through lengthy application processes at the governors office. After the end of the exhibition period the pallets were given back to the public and they quickly returned to their natural Longyearbyen habitat. The title “Så langt det passer” is quoted from a juridical text describing how Norwegian laws apply in Svalbard and can be translated to “to the extent of what is applicable”.